SAUCNA Competition - Winter 2021

Cove Netball Club Inc, Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:59PM

Play For Cove Tigers Netball Club On Saturdays Too!

Play For Cove Tigers Netball Club On Saturdays Too!


SAUCNA Competition

As the Management Board of our club we are committed to the timely delivery of all of the key objectives of our current strategic plan, including to:

  • Identify new or create diverse competitions that will benefit members;
  • Employ a variety of strategies to retain and increase members and;
  • Increase and improve club facilities.
With this in mind, we are excited to be able to offer different options for you to play netball for Cove Tigers Netball Club in Winter Season 2021, as we will be entering teams into both the Southern United Netball Association (SUNA), and the South Australian Uniting Church Netball Association (SAUCNA) competitions. We are currently the largest club at SUNA and, whilst we will continue to be strong supporters and promoters of SUNA, we believe this supplementary competition with SAUCNA can provide additional benefits and experiences to players, coaches, and umpires, and to us as a club.

There are places available in ALL of the Junior age groups; from 9&Unders through to 17&Unders. You can choose to play in either, or both competitions.
We will be entering our Senior teams into just the SUNA competition, where you can choose to trial for one of two types of teams; standard or social.

Ten Good Reasons Why We've Joined SAUCNA...
And Why We Think You Should Too!

There's a HEAP of benefits for YOU in us joining SAUCNA, and we've listed just a few of them below for you to consider...

1) Cheaper!
Priced at just $150 for the same length season, it's literally HALF the cost of playing at SUNA, which makes it much more affordable for both new and existing members.

2) No Byes!
SAUCNA have strictly 6-team or 8-team divisions so there's no need for byes, which means that you'll get more games and even better value for money.

3) Biggest Competition in SA!
The SAUCNA competition is the biggest in South Australia*, with more teams and players than any other, including SUNA, SHNA, AMND (Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division), and CND (City Night Division). This Winter there were 276 teams at AMND versus 363 at SAUCNA, and the current Summer season sees 242 teams at CND versus 503 at SAUCNA. It really is HUGE!

4) Competitive Divisions!
With more teams and divisions in every age group, the teams in each of those divisions are more likely to be closer in ability, which means you'll probably have closer scores and more evenly matched contests.

5) New Experiences!
We'll be playing games on a home and away basis so, not only will you get to experience playing games on our own courts at Hallett Cove, but you'll have the added adventure of playing against different clubs at different courts for the away games, instead of playing the same teams every week at SUNA.

6) Revenue Retention!
All of the monies that get spent at our courts during home games stays with the club, which helps to keep our fee structure affordable, and enables us to continue to support many small businesses in the local community.

7) Community!
Not only will we be at the courts on Saturday afternoons during Winter, but so will many of the other clubs that are affiliated with the Cove Sports & Community Club, which means that there'll be a great opportunity for local families to get a real sense of community through increased exposure to our local sports clubs.

8) Facilities!
Our increased visibility through the additional use of the netball facilities at the Cove Sports & Community Club will enable us to continue to lobby the City of Marion Council for further investment in netball resources, which will mean we can maintain our growth and continue to provide you with an unrivalled netball experience.

9) Growth!
This additional competition will increase awareness of the Cove Tigers Netball Club brand, and create opportunities for us to grow in size and number by providing an affordable netball experience to potential new players, which in turn will keep downward pressure on our fee structure.

10) Development!
It will also provide our existing players, coaches, umpires, and administrators with additional opportunities for personal growth. We're going to need more volunteers in every area which means there'll be plenty of opportunities for YOU to be involved with this fantastic community sports club.
Click HERE to see more details on the SAUCNA website...

*Statistics on team numbers are approximate, and are taken from the relevant SportzVault databases for each competition, which are publicly available.

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Author: David Gilbert